Technical translations

Do you have manuals, product specifications, safety regulations, product brochures, software documentation or any other technical texts which need to be translated? Then translation agency Trador B.V. has the right solution for you. Translation agency Trador B.V. has almost 15 years' experience in technical translations, giving us an extensive network of specialised technical translators with expertise in different fields. Since technical translations often contain company-specific terminology, we maintain close contact with the client whenever necessary.

Examples of technical translations

• manuals, handbooks
• product brochures, product specifications
• software documentation
• safety regulations

Reliability & confidentiality

At least as important as being a faithful rendering of the original document is the fact that a translation is delivered promptly (we never fail to honour our agreements) and that your documents are handled with confidentiality. Our translators are bound by a non-disclosure obligation in order to ensure that your documents are always in safe hands.

Why should you choose translation agency Trador B.V.?

Specialised and experienced translators
Translation agency Trador B.V. guarantees that your technical translation will be performed by a specialised and experienced translator. Once the translation has been completed, it undergoes not one but two rounds of proofreading. First of all, the text is evaluated in relation to the source text and then also as a standalone text. This guarantees that your translation is perfect.

Outstanding price-quality ratio
We work with translation tools, which make it possible to filter out repetitions from the text. In addition to guaranteeing consistency, this approach also allows us to reduce our prices even further below the highly competitive rates we already apply to our translations.

Blue-chip customer base
In the past 15 years, we have acquired an extensive clientele in both national and international technical fields. Numerous technical consulting firms, research institutions and industrial enterprises form part of our extensive clientele. For a list of references, please consult our ‘Portfolio’ page or contact us.

Please contact one of our project managers (tel. +31 (0) 344-661690) for more information, or request a price quotation using our quotation form.

In addition to technical translations, translation agency Trador B.V. can also assist you with business and finance, legal, medical, creative, website and software translations.



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