Interpreting Services

Translation agency Trador takes care of all your interpreting needs into and from any language.

At your request, we can also send an interpreter to you, e.g. for the execution of a deed before a notary-public, for conferences, meetings or seminars.

We distinguish the following types of interpreters:

- Consecutive Interpreter
- Simultaneous Interpreter
- Ad Hoc Interpreter

Consecutive Interpreter: This interpreter does not offer simultaneous translation, but makes notes while the speaker is talking. Afterwards, the interpreter will faithfully reproduce the content of the presentation. This type of interpreter doesn’t use any equipment and is ideally suited for presentations, conferences and small meetings.

Simultaneous Interpreter: This interpreter translates from a booth while the speaker is talking. The listeners can follow the translation by means of a headset. Simultaneous interpreting is suitable for conferences and meetings with a lot of participants and/or a lot of presentations. Simultaneous translation does need technical equipment (booths, IR receivers, sound installation, etc.)

Ad Hoc Interpreter: The interpreter translates the conversation sentence by sentence from one language into the next and as such helps along the conversation between the two parties. An ad hoc interpreter can, for example, be used for the execution of deeds, for interrogations, medical appointments, negotiations and company visits.

Do you need any of the interpreters described above? We would be happy to offer you a suitable quotation.




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